Blowing off the dust

So, this blog has been forgotten and I’ve decided to make use of it more. It was originally made for the review of the Cherry Mobile Nova (and I have recently upgraded to their beast of a phone called the Titan) and decided that this blog will be used for other phone or tech reviews (most probably, I’ll write about the new phone as well) and perhaps anything under the sun.

Anything. Restaurants, recipes I find online (or make), games, movies, my neighbor’s cat. Anything.

So hopefully I get around to doing it this time. The plan was to do this sometime last year last year and I just remembered it today. Awesome memory.

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Cherry Mobile: Nova Review

It’s been the buzz in the local webs for quite a while now: Cherry Mobile finally decided to enter the smartphone market and people have been asking around if their phones are worth buying. Of course, everyone is curious how this

it's a calculator

evolved into this:

then its a touchscreen phone

and without a doubt, I was caught. I originally had the Superion in my sights but since the two almost had the same specs and throwing away 20,000php was no joke, I decided to get the Nova first and decide from there if the Superion is really worth it.

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